Your online space to connect & cultivate.

Connect – Through practicing the same meditation and using the same mantra you will form an energetic connection with the other members that will enhance and magnify the benefits of your own meditation practice.

Cultivate – By following the carefully planned meditations and mantras you will learn to activate and grow your body’s own healing abilities.


This Virtual Meditation Room is where you can find the healing meditation and “seeding message” each week.

Each month I will feature a different “seeding message” and meditation to practice.

The “seeding message” is a special mantra that you should repeat to yourself on a daily basis.  By repeating the mantra and practicing the meditation you will deeply root the principle we are working on into your subconsious mind.  This is how real long-term positive change is created.

The meditation is designed to enhance the seeding message for the month.  Meditations may be guided or instrumental depending upon what works best with our particular lesson.

You should listen to the meditation as much as possible during the week to enhance the healing benefits.  Repeat the seeding message to yourself throughout the week to implant the message.

Treat the message as your personal mantra for the week.  A mantra is “a positive phrase or statement that is repeated to motivate or affirm what you want in life”.  It also acts as an aid in meditation.  In our case we are repeating the seeding message to subconsciously instill the healing goal.

Healing Qi (energy) will be transmitted at various times throughout the week to anyone that submits a request.  (It is not necessary to submit a request for Qigong healing to participate in this program.  This is an extra benefit I offer for those in need)

More information on the Qigong Healing aspect of this program is available at the bottom of this page.



“I am grounded by the Earth.”


*Some meditations are unique creations I have put together while other times I will utilize meditations created by other artists.  I use what I feel is most suitable for the seeding message each week.  


I will conduct Qigong Distance Healing for all active members who submit a request.  To submit your healing request please use the form below.  If you do not have a specific concern at the moment you may request general healing.



All that you need to do after submitting your request is have the intention of joining with the group and receiving the healing energy.  The technique of sending external Qi was taught to me by Master Binhui He, one of China’s greatest Qigong Masters.

If you have submitted a specific request I will work on that concern.  Otherwise it will be a general healing which will also seek out problem areas in the body, some of which you may be aware and others which you may not.

Receiving Qi (energy) can create various effects depending upon the individual and the condition.  It’s possible you will feel really amazing and energized or you could feel drained or have your condition temporarily worsen then quickly fade and feel slightly better.

This is all part of the healing process and any reaction is considered a good sign. When the Qi  finds a problem area in the body a phenomenon occurs that is called “Qi Striking Illness”.  As the energy works on healing an emotional or physical concern it may at first exacerbate that condition.  This is necessary for true healing to occur.

Please have this understanding so you will know that any reaction is considered a good sign that healing is taking place!