Coaching for physical healing, emotional wellness, and focus

I work with adults and families seeking holistic solutions. If you have an interest in learning to use Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation for better health...if you are looking for help in treating a chronic health condition, depression, anxiety, or ADHD...I can help


Getting started on a successful wellness path with me is easy.

You are searching for ways to improve the health of you or your child naturally but are unsure where to turn…

You may have tried figuring it all out on your own, but like so many felt overwhelmed by how to get results.

You aren’t alone, and if you are reading this right now it’s probably because you are interested in natural methods for improving your physical and emotional health, but haven’t yet found a complete solution.

I can help.


Most people that attempt to learn a natural healing art never really reach their goals.  That’s because they are only ever given bits and pieces of the puzzle, but never get to see the full picture.

Hi, I’m Jeff Simonton, owner & chief instructor at White Turtle Wellness.  I tend to do things a little differently.  When you work with me I provide you all the training you will ever need so you walk away with a clear, concise game plan for improving your health.

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Success stories

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Health & Happiness Coaching

I offer coaching to help with a variety of concerns. If you are looking to improve your life physically, mentally or spiritually I can help. Below are a few of the reasons clients love working with me.
  • Increased energy and more balanced emotions.
  • Practical solutions to improve mental health.
  • Integrated solutions for parents & children.

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